Mardegan Legno

Surface Finishes

Custom Surface Finishes

Create almost endless design possibilities with Mardegan Legno’s range of 12 different timber surface finishes. 


Mardegan Legno chose to dedicate all of our craftsmanship to our floors to bring out the even the subtlest richness of the wood.

The boards are ready to receive the surface finish specified at the time the order was placed. Of the 12 surface finishes available, 9 of them are the work of Mardegan Legno master craftsmen.

The boards are treated one by one: they can be sanded, planed, sandblasted, rounded or worn. Each finish is the result of a series of unique gestures, rich in passion and experience.


Hand-planed, brushed, or sawed, Mardegan Legno floors are unique because they are the result of the natural materials they are made of and the craftsmanship that goes into making them.

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