Mardegan Legno

The Wood

The Wood

Mardegan Legno was born in Hungary with the love of wood. The love of being in the heart of the forests and breathing the same air where the best European wood is born and grows, Slavonian oak. This is a very precious wood, used since antiquity to create sturdy ships and long-lived casks for wine.

Tested for Quality

Mardegan Legno designer floors: guaranteed, safe, durable.

Wood is an important material, of great value and always in demand. In keeping with their principles and philosophy, Mardegan Legno have carried out a series of “resistance tests” at the Catas (Centre for research and development and testing laboratories for wood-furnishing, environment, foods) to reassure you that the decision you made is the right one: your floor is safe and resistant. 


We have chosen to comply with the standards related to the concept of “legal wood” for flooring (995/2010EU) and to regulations concerning conformity evaluation criteria, the characteristics, and marking of finished wood floors (EN 14342:2013+A1/2008).

In addition to this, every floor in wood comes with a “product profile” and a “performance declaration”, as required by the UNI EN 13489 standard for pre-finished multi-layer floors.


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