Mardegan Legno

Premium Hand-crafted European Oak Floors & Walls

Mardegan Legno is a Slavonian Oak pre-finished engineered timber floor product, hand-made by master craftsman in Europe.

Mardegan Legno is involved through every step of the process; from sawing of the log, drying, seasoning, manufacture and lacquering. Along with this, every order is managed and produced individually, thus being a truly “custom made” floor.

With 12 surface preparations, 144 standard colours, three grades and requested gloss level, the possibilities are almost endless.

The Wood

Mardegan Legno was born in Hungary with the love of wood. The love of being in the heart of the forests and breathing the same air where the best European wood is born and grows, Slavonian oak. This is a very precious wood, used since antiquity to create sturdy ships and long-lived casks for wine.


Custom Finishes

Mardegan Legno chose to dedicate all of their craftsmanship to their floors to bring out even the subtlest richness of the wood.

The boards are ready to receive the surface finish specified at the time the order is placed. Of the 12 surface finishes available, 9 of them are the hand produced work of Mardegan Legno master craftsmen.

The boards are treated one by one: they can be sanded, planed, sandblasted, rounded or worn. Each finish is the result of a series of unique gestures, rich in passion and experience.

Custom Colours

Mardegan Legno offer a wide range of colours, comprising 119 different tones. The varying tones are obtained by manually applying the various tints on individual surfaces. 

Experts complete each step by hand, using the “spray” technique, brush strokes, or a rag to create a “rubbed” effect, this in-turn makes each colour unique; a fruit of the artist’s talent that cannot be repeated mechanically.

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