ColourFloor American Oak

ColourFloor crafted American Oak flooring

ColourFloor is the highly regarded American Oak in all its glory. The look of this pre-finished engineered timber floor has been both architecturally and designer inspired, and offered with a vast array of colour and finishing options. The quality and near-endless customisations of this collection results in a ColourFloor option that both compliments and enhances the unique style of almost every project.

ColourFloor American Oak flooring

The ColourFloor boards are formed from a 3 layer American Oak timber construction, comprising of a premium colour graded top lamella, solid core and solid base; all made from sustainably sourced prized American Oak. The floor offers the same wear layer as some solid Oak tongue and groove flooring, but can offer great performance because of the 3 layer construction. This superior construction coupled with the highest quality timber ensures that ColourFloor performs remarkably and provides stability in all climates.

Extensive Colour Range

ColourFloor is available in an extensive range of colours, providing an option that suits almost any decor. 

To date, the collection features close to 90 colour options, with that number ever-increasing. Each colour tone is unique in its appearance and the finished floor is made to order, coating the American Oak surface in any selected colour option.

3 Size Options + Herringbone

Each ColourFloor American Oak colour option is available in 3 sizes.

The sizes are (width) x (board height) / (wear layer height):

240mm x 19mm / 6mm

240mm x 15mm / 4mm

192mm x 15mm / 4mm

ColourFloor is also available in Herringbone parquetry, with the board sizing of 680mm x 136mm x 14mm / 4mm

Surface and Finish Options

The ColourFloor collection offered with a vast array of colour and finishing options. Every single project is made-to-order based on the client’s colour, size, surface and finish option selections. 
See below the additional options when selecting your American Oak floor.

Surface Texture

The ColourFloor collection comes with 2 wire brushed levels to enhance the surface texture and pull out the grain of the timber, resulting in a greater depth to the floor.

Choose from either:

Lightly Brushed with its subtle light texture and easy maintenance, or

Medium Brushed with its greater depth to the floor that accentuates the timbers natural qualities

Bevelled Edge

Bevelled edging can be noticed on each individual floorboard, noticeable where the edge of 2 boards meet. The size of a boards bevel can have a significant effect on the overall floor appearance and the choice is mainly personal preference.

Choose from either:

Micro Bevel with a 0.5mm bevel offering an elegant, near solid timber floor look, or

Standard Bevel with a 1mm bevel that helps create depth and texture in the floor and highlights the individual boards more than a micro bevel.

Finish Coating

A floor’s coating acts as the barrier between the timber and impact, water, dirt and anything else that comes in contact with the floor. The ColourFloor collect is supplied pre-finish with a choice of 2 high-performing coatings pre-applied. 

Choose from either: 

Lacquer with its resilient hard surface and low maintenance, or

Hardwax Oil with its unique ability to be replenished and rejuvenation without sanding

Surface Gloss Level

The sheen or gloss level of a timber floor is commonly associated with how ‘shinny’ the surface appears. Modern flooring designs tend to avoid high gloss appearance in favour of a flat, matte finish. The ColourFloor collection is finished with 2 different matt levels.

Choose from either

Matt which offers a natural look, but some sheen to help in bringing out more of the board colour, or

Extra Matt which offer a stylish natural appearance to a degree where the timber looks almost raw.

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